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The Goal (1 Timothy 1:1-11)

We are starting a new sermon series called Faith Foundations. The basis for our study will be Paul’s first letter that he wrote to Timothy. But Paul is not writing this letter as if it was only intended for him to read with no relevance to us. We know this because God placed this letter as a part of his holy scriptures that will be preserved for all generations. We also know this because of what Paul writes in this letter. In 1 Timothy 3:14-15 Paul says that he is writing so that Timothy will know how people ought to conduct themselves in God’s household. Verse 3 tells us that Paul left Timothy in Ephesus so that he could teach Christians these faith foundations. This book is the foundation for how we are to act as the people of God. Paul is writing this so that his instructions would cause people to hold on to the faith (1:18-19) and watch their lives so that they will be saved (4:16). So in this series we are going to be given pictures for our faith and see the kind of life God wants us to live…

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