The Gods We Make (Acts 19)

This morning we are going to talk about the gods we make. We might immediately think that we do not make gods. We are Christians and we do not have any other gods. But one of the things Paul had to do while preaching the gospel was expose the gods that were in people’s lives. In Acts 19 we see some of the gods that have a hold over our lives.

True Power (19:11-20)

Paul has come to Ephesus and God is doing extraordinary miracles through him. It is important to see the emphasis that God was doing the miracles through Paul. The true power belongs to God. But God was doing amazing miracles through Paul, so that even objects that touched the skin of Paul were brought to the sick and the sick were healed (19:12). We saw God showing this great power in Peter back in Acts 5:15 where people were lining the streets with the sick so that the shadow of Peter might fall on some of them….

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