​The Good Hand of God (Ezra 7-8)

I have heard this told to me many times. Maybe you have heard others say it to you. Maybe you have thought this or said it yourself. “I just do not see God’s hand in my life.” “I do not see what God is doing.” “I feel like God is not with me.” I think everyone feels this way at various times in their lives. But Ezra 7-8 is going to show us God’s hand at work. The text is going to show us how to find and see the good hand of God.

Ezra 7 opens by telling us that about 60 years have gone. Sixty years is quite a long time. Sixty years is enough time that we are talking about a new generation and we are talking about a time when things can be very different from the past. If we do the math, 60 years ago for us would be all the way back in 1962. America was a very different place with a very different culture in 1962 than where it is right now. So it is important to keep this in mind. Even though we have gone forward only one chapter in the book of Ezra, we have fast forwarded 60 years, which is enough time to have new people and a new culture in place…

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