The Heart God Desires (Matthew 21:28-46)

We are picking up in the middle of a discussion that Jesus is having with the religious leaders in the temple at Jerusalem. Jesus has been challenged about his authority to cleanse the temple and teach the way he is. But the religious leaders have been dishonest, unwilling to answer Jesus’ question about John to prove his own authority. In Matthew 21:28 you will notice that there is not a break in the scene. Jesus is still in the temple complex talking to these same religious leaders (cf. Matthew 21:23). For the rest of this discussion with these leaders in the temple, Jesus is now going to tell three parables. We are going to look at the first two of these parables in today’s lesson. Lord willing, we will look at the third parable found in chapter 22 next week. These two parables are going to reveal the heart that God is looking for in his people. So our lesson today is called The Heart God Receives. Jesus is going to show the problem with the hearts of the people in Jerusalem and then reveals the right heart that God wants…

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