​The Light of the King (Matthew 4:12-25)

I do not like daylight savings. There are a few reasons that I do not like daylight savings. The first reason is that when I get up in the morning it is dark. My body does not want to get up when it is dark. There is an intrinsic signal that is sent to the body when the light dawns that it is time to get up and get going. The second reason is that when it is time to start winding down, it is still light out. Night tells our bodies to wind down, to be tired, and be ready to get rest. A few years ago we were able to take a trip to Alaska in the summer. In the summer in Alaska, the sun hardly goes down. There were nights where it was past 11pm but I did not feel tired because the light was still shining. The light dawning has significance and meaning. It points to a new day in which new work can be done. This is the imagery that we encounter as we come to Matthew 4. With the success of Jesus in the wilderness, it is now time declare the shining of the light, the dawning of a new day. Open your Bibles to Matthew 4:12 and we are going to look at what the light of the king means for our lives…

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