The Problem of I and My (Ezekiel 25-33)

We come to a section in Ezekiel’s prophecy where it is easy to want to skip over the messages. From Ezekiel 25-33 God proclaims judgments against all kinds of nations in these chapters. But we should want to read about why the nations are coming under God’s judgment. In each condemnation God explains the sins committed that made each nation worthy of judgment. There is a common thread of explanation for why all these nations are being judged. This is also important to think about. If God condemns seven nations for basically the same sin problem, then that teaches us much about the human condition. All of these nations have the same problem. All of the nations have the same reason why God is coming in judgment. So what I want to do in this lesson is observe the common problem and what this teaches us about ourselves and our sin condition…

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