The Problem of More (Ezekiel 17)

There are so many pictures in the scriptures where God is trying to show us who we are, where we have come from, and what God is doing about our circumstances. We are in a section of Ezekiel where God is sharing three pictures to show who we are and what God is doing for us. In chapter 15 we saw the picture of a useless vine. The message was that we only have one purpose: to bear fruit. We can only bear fruit because we are deeply connected to Christ, as Jesus applied this message in John 15. The second picture is in Ezekiel 16 where we are pictured as a people who have used our blessings against God, forgotten what God has done for us, and have been unsatisfied with all God has given to us. But God decides that he will restore his blessings to his people, remember his covenant, and atone for their sins so that we would be ashamed of our sinful ways and turn to God. The final picture is in Ezekiel 17. Notice that Ezekiel is instructed to speak to Israel a riddle and a parable (17:2). So we are going to look at a riddle and a parable and how God speaks to us today about the problem of more…

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