The Savior In The Wilderness (Exodus 2:11-25)

The book of Exodus is our picture book of redemption. This is God’s handbook on how he is going to save the world as seen through his saving of the nation of Israel from Egyptian slavery. We have already seen how God is working through this time of darkness and death to protect the savior of Israel, as Moses is rescued by the Hebrew midwives and by the daughter of Pharaoh. Now I want you notice the record of the life of Moses. We learn nothing else about his childhood. Verse 11 begins with Moses grown up now. We will learn later that he is 40 years old at this point. Does this sound familiar to you? What do we see in the record of Jesus? We read about his birth story and then we jump to when Jesus is an adult. Again, the biblical record is showing us that Jesus is the prophet that Moses spoke about who would come and save the world. The events of Moses’ life were a prophetic template for what the Christ would do in his life when he came. As we move through the life of Moses we are going to observe along the way all of the connections to Jesus as our Savior and Redeemer.

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