The Shepherd Comes (Ezekiel 34)

Ezekiel 34 is a turning point to the prophecies of this book. Ezekiel 33 recorded the fall of Jerusalem. A messenger who escaped from Jerusalem travels to Babylon and informs Ezekiel that the city has fallen to Babylon. Ezekiel’s messages proclaimed that this was going to happen. The good meat had not remained in Jerusalem. The meat and the pot were defiled and needed deep cleansing. The remnant was actually in Babylon, not in Jerusalem. God had left his temple and city and has caused Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon, not to go to Ammon first, but to turn to Jerusalem first and destroy it. But this is not the end of God’s messages to his people. The final chapters of the book are not God telling the people, “See, I told you so.” Rather, God is going to proclaim promises of what he will do in the future. These final chapters of Ezekiel give a detailed picture about what will happen when the Spirit comes. I believe these final chapters give us the best instructions to help us understand what God was promising and what the people were to expect when the Spirit was poured out…

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