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The Shepherd Lord (Psalm 23)

What is your view of God? What is your concept of him? I think that most people have multiple concepts about God. Some in the world think of God as a genie in a bottle, convenient for me to give me what I want. Some see God like a busy dad — you can be yourself through the week, but you have to shape up on Sunday when he is home and paying attention to you. Even godly people can sometimes only focus on a single dimension on God. Some will focus only on his love. Some will focus on his wrath. Some will focus on his grace. Some will focus on his holiness. Psalm 23 gives us another dimension about God that is easily forgotten. David begins by saying, “The Lord is my shepherd.” Before we read this psalm, I want to consider why David would write this psalm. I believe the point is that it would build our trust in God and remind us of who he is. Further, as you read this psalm, I want you to listen to everything that the shepherd does for the sheep. You will notice that the sheep do not do anything but the shepherd is acting on behalf of the sheep. This whole psalm is about the Lord.

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