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The Son of Man (Daniel 7)

In our last study we looked at the overall message of Daniel 7. In Daniel 7 he sees a vision of what is going to happen in the days of the fourth kingdom, which is the Roman Empire. What is presented in this vision is a very calm picture in heaven in the midst of seeming chaos on earth. Beast after beast rises from the sea with the last beast the most terrifying of all. Further, there is a little horn that is uprooting other horns and has a mouth speaking great, boastful things. But the Ancient of Days simply sits on the throne, passes judgment, and destroys the beast. They are all given a time, but their outcome of destruction is certain. In particular we noticed that God’s eternal kingdom would destroy all evil kingdoms, nations, and people. But this does not mean that God’s people will not be given over to persecution and suffering for a limited duration.

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