The Wages of Sin (2 Samuel 13)

Sometimes the problem that we have when it comes to understanding why we should not sin is that we do not see how terrible sin is. I think this is a big problem in our culture. So what if we sin? Why can’t I do what I want to do? I’m not hurting anyone with what I am doing. Who cares if we sin? What the scriptures have to frequently do is show us the wages of sin. God has to show us how ugly our sins truly are. This is what 2 Samuel 13 is going to do. It is going to show you how ugly and terrible each of our sins are. David’s sins of sexual immorality and murder are going to come back upon him because that is the judgment that God has pronounced against him. These consequences are going to be observed over the next few chapters. But let’s just see the ugliness of sin and why the wages of sin is death…

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