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The Wise Still Seek Him (1 Kings 4)

Our sermon series is called Rise and Fall and we are in the “rise” portion of looking at Solomon’s life. In 1 Kings 3 the Lord came to Solomon and told him that he could ask for anything. Solomon asked for an understanding mind so that he could rule God’s people properly. The Lord was so pleased with this request that he not only granted Solomon the greatest wisdom ever, but he also granted Solomon wealth and power of the kingdom. As we approach chapter 4 we might imagine that this is a lot of details about the kingdom that do not have much meaning to us. In fact, one commentator wrote, “The purpose of including all these details about Solomon’s wisdom, largesse, polity, and administration is not transparent” (Konkel, NIV Application Commentary). However, 1 Kings 4 says a lot about Solomon and the nature of his kingdom. As we look at these pictures, we are going to see Jesus and his kingdom foreshadowed. Through this, we will have much to say about what this means for our lives today…

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