Time To Pray (Lamentations 5)

This is the final poem of the great book of Lamentations. In the fourth poem we read the description of the inhabitants of Jerusalem and their suffering during the fall of the city and temple. The suffering and pain that is being experienced offered a time for the prophet and for the people to reflect on what has happened and why. This was their opportunity to learn that their unwillingness to listen to the truth of God’s messengers has caused their judgment. The prophets and priests, who were to be the teachers of God’s messages, were the ones committing sins, shedding the blood of the righteous in the streets. In Lamentations 4:17 the author reflects on how there was no one to help deliver them. Only God can deliver. Only God can save. The prophets and priests (4:13) as well as the kings (4:20) have failed the people. Therefore the people are looking for true prophets, priests, and kings would be able to save them.

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