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Turn (Acts 15)

What does it look like to turn to God? In the book of Acts the apostles have been preaching the need for repentance. They have been calling for people to turn to God. But in Acts 15 a major controversy arises over what turning to God is supposed to look like? Now it was not hard for the Jewish people to understand what it looked like for them to turn back to God. But a question came up about what it meant for the Gentiles to turn to God. It was made evident by the Lord in Acts 10-11 that the Gentiles have access to the kingdom of God. Peter was told to not call unclean what God had cleansed. So the issue is not if Gentiles can be saved. The issue is not if Gentiles are equal participants in God’s kingdom. Those questions have been answered by the Holy Spirit falling on Cornelius and his household in Acts 10. The issue is framed in Acts 15:1 and Acts 15:5…

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