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Undeserved (2 Kings 5:15-27)

Naaman has come to Elisha for healing by bringing a letter from the king of Syria, 10 talents of silver, six thousand shekels of gold, and ten changes of clothes. We noted in the last lesson that this amount could be estimated to be worth about 5.5 million dollars. Naaman, after getting past his anger, has humbled himself and dipped in the Jordan River seven times as he was instructed. By displaying this faith, he was healed from his leprosy. In 2 Kings 5:15 Naaman returns to Elisha, desiring to give him the gift that he has brought with him, which is an overwhelming amount of wealth. But look at what Elisha says in verse 16. He takes an oath that he will receive nothing that Naaman has brought. Even though Naaman urges him to take it, Elisha refuses. Naaman now sets himself to be a worshiper of the Lord God alone, in spite of the challenges he faces as a commander of the king’s army. We would expect this happy ending to conclude at verse 19…

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