Unworthy? (Acts 13)

Do you consider yourself worthy of eternal life? It is an important question that the apostles asked people to think about. We will come back to this question in a few minutes. As you think about that question, we have been going through the book of Acts and in chapter 13 there is a shift in the focus of the book. Beginning in Acts 13 we start reading about Paul and his companions traveling throughout the Roman Empire, preaching the gospel. There is a tendency to turn these journeys into geographic memorization or tracing their trips on a map. But the point of these chapters is not a geographic exercise. Rather, we are going to listen to their sermons on salvation that are preached to the whole world. We are going to see what they asked them to consider about what God is doing in the world. So as we consider these chapters this summer, we are not going to bog down in the cities, the journeys, or the maps. We are going to look what they preached so that we can have a better picture of our Savior and the salvation that is for all…

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