What Is Eternity Worth? (Hebrews 12:15-17)

God records the actions and thoughts of various people in the scriptures so that we can learn from these people. We get to see that these are real people dealing with hard problems making real decisions. There are many people who walk by faith and we are going to study some of those people in the upcoming months. There are also those who fail to walk by faith and we are going to look at some of those. More importantly, we see God trying to transform all of these people to become faith-filled followers of him.

The person we are going to study tonight is Esau. One of the things that we read about in Esau’s life is that he had a troubling brother named Jacob. When you read through Genesis you will see that Jacob and his mother Rebekah conspire to take the blessing away from Esau. Isaac has lost his sight and he knows it is time for him to put his affairs in order. So it is time to bless his oldest son, Esau. But Jacob pretends to be Esau and steals the blessing away from his older brother. Now we will talk more about why this happens in future lessons. But I want to keep the focus on Esau for this lesson. We can feel bad for Esau and how he was swindled out of the blessing. But listen to how the writer of Hebrews frames Esau’s life…

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