What is the Good News? (Nahum 2)

If you have grown up in the pews, you have heard about the gospel. The gospel simply means good news. But the New Testament writers assume that we know some of the pictures of what God means when he proclaims the good news to his people. There are many places where the prophets give pictures of what the good news. The second chapter of Nahum begins with pictures of the good news being proclaimed to God’s people. The first chapter of Nahum reminded God’s people of who the Lord is. The Lord’s passionate love for his people means that he is a jealous and avenging God, venting his wrath on his enemies. The Lord is slow to anger so that when judgment comes, it was a long time coming. We also heard that the Lord is good. He is a refuge in times of trouble and he cares for those who trust in him. Knowing the Lord sets up our understanding of the good news. Open your copies of God’s word to Nahum 1:15. This verse really belongs with chapter 2 as it introduces the picture of the good news…

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