What The Lord Wants (Deuteronomy 10-11)

In Deuteronomy 9 Moses imparts a critical teaching to the people of Israel. Do not go into the land that God is giving you and think that you are there because of your own righteousness. They are inheriting the land because of the wickedness of the people in Canaan and because of God’s faithfulness to his promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Moses then continued to explain why the people should never think that it is their own righteousness. Moses recounts how the people have been stubborn and rebellious from the day Moses came to them in Egypt and they still are to this day. In fact, the only reason the people are still alive and remain as God’s people is because of Moses’ constant intercession on their behalf. The Lord listened to Moses and did not destroy the people. We noted in the last lesson that this should have caused humility in their hearts, knowing that they were entering into the promised land and enjoying the presence of God only by God’s grace and Moses’ intercession and nothing of their own works or righteousness. Now Moses will explain what is expected of the people based on the lovingkindness of God. What is to be the human response to divine grace?

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