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What Will Be Your Story? (Acts 1:12-26)

You have probably experienced this yourself. I have been to a number of funerals and what is sad about the funeral is what people remember about the person. Their whole life is remembered because of some hobby they had in their life. It is interesting to think about how you will be remembered. What will be your story? What will people say about your life? One of the saddest stories that is recorded for us in the scriptures is Judas. His name is well-known even among people who do not know anything about God. His name is truly infamous. If you speak about someone being a “Judas,” what you mean is that person is a betrayer. But that did not have to be his story. That did not have to be the legacy by which he was remembered. Let us notice the story Judas left in Acts 1:12-26…

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