When Gladness Dries Up (Joel 1)

The prophecy of Joel begins in a jarring way. There is no introduction. There are not dates, kings, or timeframe listed. There is no warm up regarding what is happening. We are simply dropped into the prophecy. This might be a key reason for why this prophecy is not frequently taught in its entirety. But we must realize that the information God gives us through his word is intentional and not accidental. Therefore, the message of Joel is a timeless message for God’s people. Scholars argue whether this prophecy best fits as one of the earliest prophecies against Judah (around 800 BC), or just before the destruction of Jerusalem (around 600 BC), or after Judah has been set into exile and now have returned from its exile (around 450 BC). But the book does not tell us and this book was written so that every generation at any time would use the principles of this prophecy and apply it to their own day and time…

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