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When God Has Spoken (1 Kings 13)

We are preparing to look at the life of Elijah. But before we can understand the purpose and work of Elijah, we need to understand the world that he was sent to preach in. We noticed in our last lesson that Jeroboam, who is the king of the northern nation now referred to as Israel, has not trusted in God’s promises that were made to him. He fears that his people, when they go to Jerusalem to worship the Lord, will decide that they want Rehoboam to be their king. So Jeroboam sets up worship in Israel and tells them that worship should be convenient and how it is too much trouble for them to go to Jerusalem (1 Kings 12:28). Not only do the people accept this, Jeroboam becomes emboldened to make all kinds of changes to the worship that he devised from his own heart…

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