When God Says No (2 Samuel 12:15-25)

One of the most difficult times in life is dealing with when God says no. We have gone to the Lord in prayer. We have prayed fervently regarding something in our lives. But God says no. What are we supposed to do when God says no? How are we to handle those times when God says no?

Fasting, Pleading, Praying (12:15-19)

The judgment on David has been firmly declared. The sword will not leave his house. The sins he committed privately will be publicly done against him. The child of David and Bathsheba’s sexual immorality will die. This brings us 2 Samuel 12:15. It is interesting to note that Bathsheba is called Uriah’s wife right here, underscoring the sinfulness of what David has done, taking Uriah’s wife for his own. There is nothing right about what David has done. God has not forgotten about his adultery and his sinful coverup. The Lord afflicts the child and David immediately begins fasting, praying, and pleading with the Lord. David lays on the ground all night pleading with the Lord for the life of the child. The elders of the house are trying to lift him from the ground, but David refuses to get up. David will not eat. He is earnestly praying and pleading with the Lord…

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