When God Spoke From Heaven (Exodus 20)

We are studying the book of Exodus to see God’s pictures of redemption. The book of Exodus gives pictures and shadows of what God will do when Christ comes. Exodus is not just the telling of Israel’s history, but also predicting how God will save his people again when he sends Christ to rescue the world.

We need to remind ourselves of the scene of Exodus 19 before we can consider Exodus 20. Remember what is going on as the people of Israel have come to the mountain. God is entering into a covenant with his people and the stipulations are given in Exodus 19:1-6. Once the people have agreed that they will do all that the Lord has spoken (19:8), God comes to meet with the people (19:9,17). The people needed to consecrate themselves before God came down, emphasizing the holiness of God…

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