Whispering Hope (2 Kings 23-25)

How do you end the telling of Israel’s history? The author of Kings started with the rise of Solomon and has described for us the complete failure of the nation. Solomon’s sins have trickled down until we have heard the Lord declare that Jerusalem will be wiped like a dish so that there will be nothing left. So how do you end the telling of Israel’s history when its history has been one of complete failure? Israel has failed in its divine purpose in representing God to the world. Israel has failed in being a light to the nations and bringing salvation to the ends of the earth. Israel has failed so catastrophically that we were told that the people are behaving worse than the nations that lived on the land before them. It is interesting to me that as humans we cannot bear to watch a movie or television show that ends on a bad note. It just does not seem right. Intrinsically we need there to be a happy ending or something is just wrong. The final message to Israel is an important message to us as we face our difficulties as well…

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