Who Can Stand Before God? (Job 8-10)

Eliphaz has tried to correct Job’s thinking in chapters 4-5. Eliphaz tells Job that he may be a righteous man, but trouble does not come from thin air. So as good as you are, no one can be righteous before God. You did something wrong and if you would just repent then you would experience restoration. But we were told in the first two chapters that this is an incorrect assessment. We know that Job is blameless. We know that he is not being punished for hidden or insignificant sins. This is a trial. This is a test of Job as God has been accused of being too good and generous to his people. Since Job does not accept Eliphaz’ instruction, another friend of Job named Bildad will attempt to correct Job. We will look at the help that the friends give, consider Job’s response to the friends, and then draw applications for our lives for dealing with suffering and trials.

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