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Why Am I Here? (Genesis 1)

For our winter morning series we are going to examine who we are and who God is. The book of Genesis is the book where God introduces himself to the world, defining who we are and revealing who he is. Often the book of Genesis is looked at in ways that the book does not intend, missing the key thrust of the early chapters. Open your copies of God’s word to the book of Genesis where God introduces himself to the world.

The Set Up (1:1-25)

When you look at the first 25 verses of Genesis 1 you will notice that there is not much time spent on the creation process. For something as amazing and staggering as the creation of the universe, just a couple sentences are given to each creation day. There are two important repetitions found through these first six creation days. The first repetition is “And God said.” Each day begins with God speaking and when he speaks, things are created. What amazing power that we see in God who simply says words and universes, animals, plants, and so much more are created! The second repetition is that God sees his creation as good six times in the first 25 verses (1:4, 10, 12, 18, 21, 25). The repetitions tell us what we are supposed to focus on regarding this account. God creates by his powerful word and what he creates is always good.

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