Why Has This Happened To Us? (Judges 6:1-32)

The Troubles (6:1-6)

To appreciate what God is going to do for the people of Israel through Gideon, we have to see what is going on in their history. We are told at the end of Judges 5 that Israel had experienced a time of rest and peace from the surrounding nations for 40 years. But this time of peace does not last because Judges 6 opens by telling us that the people of Israel returned to doing evil in the sight of the Lord. I think it is very important to read the end of verse 1. There we are specifically told that the Lord gave his people into the hand of Midian for 7 years. The next few verses show what this looked like in the life of Israel. Midian is regularly overpowering Israel. The situation is so severe that the people of Israel had to make shelters and hiding places in the mountains and caves…

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