Why Life Is A Mess 2 (Genesis 3:8-15)

We are looking at why life is a mess and God gives us answers for why life is a mess. The first answer given to us as to why life is a mess is that every person has fallen to the temptation of Satan. Satan tempts us to doubt God’s goodness, doubt God’s integrity, and to think that God’s law are ridiculous. The lie Satan gives to us is that we can be free. But rather than become free by sinning, we become enslaved to sin. Life is a mess because we have messed up our own lives by not listening to God and not believing in God. To use our illustration from the last lesson, we ran in the street even when God told us not to. In this lesson we are going to continue to look at God’s answer as to why life is a mess. Genesis 3:8-24 will explain to us the effects of sin. It is the effects of our sins that continue to make life a mess.

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