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Why We Need The Wilderness (Deuteronomy 8)

Moses is in the midst of a sermon to Israel as they are just a few weeks from crossing into the promised land. Moses is expounding on the law (1:5) preparing them for what they need to know for success and life in the promised land. In this sermon Moses has reminded them that the Lord desires that his people love him with all their being and resources (6:5-6) and they were to teach their children this every moment they had (6:7-25). Further, when they enter the land they were to remember that they were chosen, not because of their size, but because God chose to love them (7:7-8). As we come into chapter 8 Moses again tells the people to be careful to do everything commanded this day so that they will have life in the land. But now Moses is going to explain why the Lord made Israel go through the great and terrifying wilderness (1:19, 2:7).

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