Why Wickedness Increases (Digger Further into Matthew 24)

We are continuing our study of Matthew 24 that we began this morning. But in this lesson we are going to dig deeper into these pictures that Jesus is giving about the coming destruction against Jerusalem and the temple. This is the context of the discussion for Jesus with his disciples. Jesus has condemned the city and proclaimed that the temple is empty. God is not with them (cf. Matthew 23:38). Jesus tells his disciples that not one stone of the temple complex will be left on another (Matthew 24:2). So the disciples have asked two questions as recorded in verse 3. When will this happen and what will be sign of your coming and of the end of the age? To help us understand Jesus’ teaching here in Matthew 24 is very useful for us to compare this with the account recorded in Luke 21 of the same teaching. The reason why is that the Gospel of Luke was written to Gentiles and Luke then explains some of Matthew’s images that are harder for us to understand…

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