Worthy To Suffer (Acts 5:12-42)

Energizer batteries had a famous commercial that you probably remember. There was a pink toy bunny beating a drum as the narrator said, “Energizer batteries: they keep going and going.” We have been talking about how to have unstoppable faith as seen from Acts 3-5. We are reading about a strong faith from the disciples and we want to learn how to have an unstoppable faith like theirs. They have a faith that keeps going and going and going. We saw in Acts 4 we saw the governing officials who ruled over the Jewish commanding the apostles to stop talking about and teaching Jesus. These Jewish leaders even threaten the apostles with a severe punishment. This is the same council and the same leaders that put Jesus to death through the hands of the Roman government. So now the threats are being breathed against the apostles and these first century disciples…

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