Your God Is Too Small (Job 34-37)

In Job 32 we were introduced to another person who has been watching and listening to the speeches of Job and his three friends. His name is Elihu and after Job and his friends have inaccurately explained God and how he runs the world, he now goes about teaching Job and the audience about God. In his first speech Elihu declares that God speaks through suffering, teaching us to look to God and keep us from falling into the pit. Suffering is to be considered a grace of God, awaking our attention to eternal considerations. The answer of the three friends is far too simplistic. We cannot look at suffering and assume that the person has sinned, as these friends have done to Job. God allows suffering in the world to awaken our spiritual affections so that we would seek the Lord. Elihu ends his first speech asking Job to respond (33:32) but Job has nothing to say. Now Elihu will make his second speech in an effort to teach Job and show Job his error in his words.

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