Your King Comes (Matthew 21:1-17)

We are returning to our series on Jesus as recorded in the Gospel of Matthew. Chapters 21-25 record the mounting rejection of Jesus as he proclaims the coming judgment on the city for their rebellion against God. We are going to spend the rest of this summer in this section of Matthew and this study will take us into the fall of this year. As we come to Matthew 21 it is important to know that we are starting the final week of Jesus’ life on earth. Jesus is now ready to fully reveal himself to the city of Jerusalem and ultimately to the whole world. Jesus is ready to proclaim who he is to the inhabitants of Jerusalem. This moment is what we call the triumphal entry which is recorded for us in Matthew 21. The whole scene is captured in the first 17 verses of Matthew 21. So it is important that we do not stop short at verse 11 but take in the whole picture as recorded through verse 17…

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