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Zealous For God (2 Kings 8-10)

One of the attributes that we have seen in the writings of 1 & 2 Kings is that a picture will be given to us that will prepare for the events that follow. For example, we notice that Elisha caused an ax head to float for one of the prophets. Read by itself, it is a miracle that seems nonsensical. But when this miracle is connected to the events that follow, we see that this miracle was a picture of the restoration that God was offering to Israel by trying to open their eyes to see the invisible working of God. We are going to see another instance of this in 2 Kings 8-10. We are going to read an account that seems to be a one-off event. But we will see how it is deeply connected to the events that follow. As we have seen in each lesson, each point being made shows another aspect of God’s character and what he expects from us with that knowledge…

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